Week One (de_nuke) - March 24
Week Two (cs_militia) - March 31
VVM vs. T^2T^2 Wins, 12-28
MiB vs. HCNHCN wins, 11-29
kthx vs. TARTAR wins, 18-22
GsI vs. C4C4 wins, 3-35
TAR vs. GsITAR wins, 37-3
C4 vs. MiBC4 wins, 18-2
T^2 vs. kthxTie, 25-25
HCN vs. VVMHCN wins, 25-15
Week Three (de_dust2) - April 7
Week Four (de_train) - April 14
VVM vs. TARTAR wins, 5-35
kthx vs. C4C4 wins, 16-24
MiB vs. T^2T^2 wins, 7-33
GsI vs. HCNMatch Pending, GsI leads 12-8
C4 vs. VVMC4 wins, 31-9
TAR vs. MiBTAR wins, 38-2
T^2 vs. GsIT^2 wins, 35-4
HCN vs. kthxHCN wins, 22-18
Week Five (cs_italy) - April 21
Week Six (de_prodigy) - April 28
VVM vs. MiBVVM wins 21-19
kthx vs. GsIkthx wins, 21-18
HCN vs. TARHCN wins, 21-19
T^2 vs. C4C4 wins, 19-21
kthx vs. VVMkthx wins, 33-7
GsI vs. MiBGsI wins, forfeit
TAR vs. C4TAR wins, 28-12
T^2 vs. HCNT^2 wins, 21-19
Week Seven (de_dust) - May 5
VVM vs. GsIGsI wins, forfeit
MiB vs. kthxkthx wins, forfeit
TAR vs. T^2T^2 wins, 19-21
C4 vs. HCNC4 wins, 25-15
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